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With my time being pregnant drawing to a close, I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on the past 9 months and the exciting changes ahead of us. Today I’m sharing some of my final “bump thoughts” along with a few of my maternity photos mixed in.

If you don’t want to read the ramblings of a hormonal pregnant lady, just skim through the pictures and I’ll see you back here tomorrow ;)

pregnancy maternity photos omaha nebraska
Lately my mindset hasn’t been the healthiest – I’ve been REALLY conflicted. Eleanor was born 2 weeks early, and I’ve had it in my head that this pregnancy would end just the same way. Well, as you can see… 38 weeks has come and gone, and my little lady is still cooking.

I KNOW it’s what’s best for her and I absolutely do NOT want to get induced (unless medically necessary), but I am getting seriously impatient.

pregnancy maternity photos omaha nebraska
I have no reason to wish this pregnancy to end – I feel fantastic! This is honestly the best I’ve felt in months! I feel strong and in control – no aches, pains, or even swelling to talk of!

I’m just ready to be ME again! Ya know… wear my regular clothes, sleep on my stomach, and snuggle Eleanor (and my new babe) without a GIANT bump in the way.

pregnancy maternity photos omaha nebraska
Yes – GIANT bump ;)

pregnancy maternity photos omaha nebraska
I’m doing my best to cherish these last few days (weeks?) with my little girl so close to my heart. I’ve found that continuing to journal to her has helped and so has Prenatal Yoga and the support of the Mommy Fitness community.

pregnancy maternity photos omaha nebraska
So until this little girl decides to make her grand entrance, life will continue as normal! I know I’ll miss this bump in a few months. I’m so thankful my girlfriends gifted me this maternity session and happy that Ashley from Emi & Lynn’s Photography was able to capture this moment in time so beautifully!

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