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The Busy Parent’s Guide to Date Night In

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Back-to-school is an insanely busy time for any parent. I figure if I feel swamped as a parent of a preschooler, then those mamas with older kids must just be 100% overwhelmed! Even in the busiest seasons, it’s important for parents to take time away from the kiddos and reconnect as a couple. Hence, the greatest invention of all: date night in!

Yes, trust me, it’s possible – you can have a date night in! Stay home, be comfy, enjoy each other’s company, and no babysitter needed! :)

The Busy Parent’s Guide to Date Night In

1. Make a plan

No really, make a plan! Do you know how many times Jeff and I have decided that we were going to do “date night” at home only to stare at our empty fridge and scroll through online movie options for 40 minutes before getting tired and giving up for the night?

I realize this makes us sound extremely old and boring, but if we had decided ahead of time what movie we wanted to watch or what to prepare for dinner, the whole disaster could have been avoided. The lesson? Treat date night in just like you would date night out – have a solid plan!

2. Leave the meal to someone else

Nobody should be worrying about cooking on date night (unless that actually IS the plan, but I digress). After a long week of preparing meals for the family, I want a break. Hy-Vee has the perfect solution with their meal deals: two medium two-topping pizzas, 5 ct breadsticks and 2 Liter Coca-Cola™ for $24.99!

You can choose to get your meal hot or as take and bake. I suggest take and bake so you can get the kiddos down for bed and not worry about your pizza getting cold on the counter. Just pop it in the oven when you’re ready and dinner will be served in under 15 minutes!

An awesome meal that literally doesn’t require getting one pot or pan dirty makes a pretty great date night! Plus pizza + Diet Coke® is always a winning combo ;)

3. Do the extras

You know those cloth place mats you never use because your children would destroy them? Or that nice set of plates and bowls? Yeah, use those! All of them! Little things can go a long way to making date night feel a bit more special.

4. Set the ground rules

If you find yourself spending too long planning carpools or comparing notes on swimming lesson schedules, it might be good to set some ground rules. Our kids are great, but sometimes it’s nice to focus the conversation on topics outside the realm of parenthood. Maybe devote the first 15 minutes to “kid talk,” and then save everything else for tomorrow.

5. Pick your next date

Never end your night without determining your next date night (in or out)! Your relationship deserves it! :)

Did we recruit our four year old to take our photo before shipping her off to bed? Yes we did, haha!

Plan Your Next Date Night In

You can find out more info about Hy-Vee’s awesome meal deals at the Italian counter. There are so many delicious combos to choose from – date night in will be a breeze! Click here to view this week’s deals at your local store.

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xoxo joanna

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