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buybuy BABY for your journey through babyhood

Thanks to buybuy BABY for sponsoring this post!

I’m so excited to tell you all about a new partnership here on Makingmine! I recently teamed up with buybuy BABY as part of their babyhood Influencer Network. I’ve always been a huge fan of buybuy BABY, and now as a mama with two little girls, smack dab in the middle of my own journey through parenthood, it seemed like a great fit!

buybuy baby babyhood
What does this mean for you as a reader? I’ll continue sharing about the ups and downs of motherhood, what’s new with my little girls, fun activities to do at home, and my favorite products and tips to make life a bit easier!

As you may have seen over on my instagram, a brand new buybuy BABY recently opened here in Omaha (yay)! I was lucky enough to score a tour with the store manager Becky and found out just how clueless I am about the world of baby gear, haha!

buybuy BABY babyhood
When I was pregnant, I assembled the girls’ baby registries with the help of my mama friends and lots of googling – let’s just say, I REALLY wish I would have had someone like Becky to give me advice!

As we wound through the store, she explained the process of narrowing down your vast choices based on your lifestyle, unique needs, and budget. Suddenly, 50 overwhelming options becomes 5, and you’re better able to make a choice you feel confident about!

buybuy BABY babyhood
And speaking of options, buybuy BABY has TONS of them! Back in April, I ordered my double stroller sight unseen because no stores in Omaha carried Baby Joggers at the time. From car seats to strollers to bassinets, they have it all in store for you pick up, touch, assemble, disassemble, and truly get a sense of the product. Plus they carry some of my favorite brands that simply aren’t stocked in other stores!

buybuy BABY babyhood
And you know I wasn’t going to walk out of there empty-handed, right? As soon as I saw this giant wall of adorable Skip Hop products, I did what any self-respecting mama of two little girls would do. I grabbed coordinating sets of EVERYTHING! Ladybug for Eleanor and butterfly for Everly. My matchy-matchy mama heart has never been happier! 

buybuy BABY babyhood
And aside from my Skip Hop shopping spree, I have one more confession – I set up a registry! No no, I’m not pregnant, but Eleanor and Everly’s grandmas are ALWAYS asking for ideas for the girls. I figured this would be an easy way to keep organized this holiday season!

Pregnancy, babyhood, toddlerhood, childhood, parenthood – it all goes SO fast! I’m so happy to have all of YOU on this exciting, messy, joyful, challenging journey with me!

Your turn:

Who do you turn to for baby/kid gear advice?
What’s the most useful item you’ve purchased for your kiddos?

*Thank you buybuy BABY for sponsoring this post!

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