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car seat safety checklist

We recently upgraded Everly out of her infant carrier into a convertible car seat. Cue the mom sob – “my baby is getting soooo big!”

I had a lot of anxiety around this big decision. You hear a lot about car seat safety in the news – we all know not to have our kiddos wear winter coats, to keep them rear facing as long as possible, and to keep an eye on size/weight limits.

But what one do I buy?!

Simple four step car seat checklist to ensure your child is safe and secure at any age

Shopping & Safety

There are so many car seat options on the market today, and it can all get a little overwhelming when you’re thinking about choosing the right one to protect your precious cargo.

But as it turns out 3 out of 4 car seats are used incorrectly, so the safest car seat on the market is simply the one that is installed and operated correctly. 

Finding the Right Fit

We bought the Britax Marathon for Eleanor nearly two years ago and have been incredibly happy with our choice. As part of the buybuy BABY Babyhood Influencer Network, I headed into our store here in Omaha where I got some help narrowing down my selections.

Once they found out that ease of use was important to me, I was pointed in the direction of the Britax Advocate Clicktight. I was assured that it was a breeze to (correctly!) install and that I would love the Click & Safe Snug Harness Indicator. And after seeing it in action, I was sold! 

Simple four step car seat checklist to ensure your child is safe and secure at any age

The Verdict?

Their glowing recommendation did not disappoint! The Clicktight system was incredibly easy to install and felt extremely secure the minute I closed the base. The harness has a “click” indicator that gives me an audible cue when Everly is fastened up snug as a bug. Easy, safe and secure! 

And as for Everly, she loves her new view! She and Eleanor (who is now forward-facing) chatter to each other in the backseat and pass across toys. I’ll enjoy this window of time where my girls are enjoying each other’s company ;)

Car Seat Safety

Simple four step car seat checklist to ensure your child is safe and secure at any age

No matter what seat you end up with, there are 4 easy steps to ensure you are giving your little one the safest ride possible…

Car Seat Checklist

  1. Seek expert advice
    Whether it’s a car seat expert at buybuy BABY, Consumer Reports, your favorite blog, or a trusted friend, get some data points about options on the market today.
  2. Test & get comfortable
    Since a safe car seat is one that is installed and used properly, your final choice should be one that you’re fully comfortable operating. Head in-store and give your top contenders a try. I bet you’ll find one that just “fits” better than the rest!
  3. Attend a car seat check
    It never hurts to be reassured! Even with a simple installation like Everly’s new seat, I still like having an expert look over my work. Many hospitals and state patrol offices offer free car seat checks for parents.
  4. Train all caregivers
    What may seem intuitive to you, may not be so easy for someone else. Take the time to properly educate your child’s caregivers on how to operate the car seat so that your little one is safe no matter who is behind the wheel!

Simple four step car seat checklist to ensure your child is safe and secure at any age
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xoxo joanna

*Thank you to buybuy BABY for sponsoring this post!

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