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grandparent gift

grandparent gift

Mother's Day was a few weeks back, but I have yet to share Eleanor's fun little gift she put together for her grandmas. I was inspired by an idea I found on Pinterest, but E and I made it our own with some special supplies and a personalized message :) Art projects with a toddler are [...]

last minute valentines

toddler valentine

Hey friends! I'm just popping by quick to share Eleanor's valentines! One of the moms in our playgroup is hosting a little Valentine's party for the kiddos this afternoon, and in true Joanna form, I didn't get started on Eleanor's treats until 2 hours before the party ;) Lucky for me, Target saved the day, and [...]

girlfriend gift exchange

girlfriend gift exchange new years eve survival kit

It's Wednesday! This week feels like it's inching by - I'm not so patiently waiting for Thursday morning to arrive, so I can rush to my ultrasound appointment and see my sweet babe! Hoping everything goes well and we will find out if the littlest Murnan is a Mr. or a Miss :) Today I'm [...]

storybook christmas countdown

storybook christmas countdown

Yes, I know… another Christmas post before Thanksgiving. But you'll be happy I shared this with you today because now you have plenty of time to get this little project pulled together before December 1st! My sister Rachel came up with a simple, cute idea for a Christmas countdown: wrap up 25 books and open [...]

toddler train conductor halloween costume

First of all, thank you all for the wonderful well wishes last week! It's still hard to believe that we're expecting baby #2 let alone that I'm already in my 2nd trimester! Don't worry, the blog won't become overrun with bump posts - I'm going to try to keep a healthy balance between pregnancy related [...]

I'm finally getting around to sharing Eleanor's birthday party here on the blog! Way back on June 14, family and friends helped us celebrate Eleanor's "Berry" 1st Birthday! As you can probably tell, it was strawberry themed all the way from decor to desserts. I think everything turned out really cute and Eleanor LOVED her special [...]

wall collage with made from sentimental items

I had mentioned in previous posts that several of our wedding keepsakes have become subtle mementos in our home. One of my first decorating tasks was finding a way to incorporate a few of the meaningful details from the wedding into part of our everyday life and lasting reminders of our day. I achieved this [...]

walking down the aisle at wedding rehearsal with brooch bouquet

I don't think I've ever formally introduced you to my sister Rachel - she's my best friend, matron of honor and amazing mama to the cutest 2 year old I know. She's also the brains behind the brooch bouquet I used at our rehearsal. I really should have her writing this post, but she's extremely [...]

Completed banner hanging in reception hall: Happily Ever After

Even with so many fabulous Pinterest ideas pinned to my wedding board, I was determined not to overcomplicate the day with too many DIY projects. I did however pick out a few special projects to satisfy my crafty side and add a personal touch to the day. One of my favorites was the "happily ever [...]

Murnan Wedding: Grand Exit

wedding bubbles wrapped in washi tape

Have I ever mentioned how much I love washi tape? No? Well I LOVE washi tape. I seriously think it can be used for anything. And in our wedding prep, I did just that! I purchased some adorable designs from SugarBSupplies on Etsy to use on our bridesmaid/groomsmen gift wrapping and ended up carrying the theme through to our [...]

bridesmaids gifts wrapped in craft paper and lace

I had SO much fun picking out gifts for my fabulous bridesmaids. These girls are all the nearest and dearest to my heart, so I wanted them to know how much it meant to me that they were part of our big day. I found beautiful Eliot Danori jewelry at Macy's for the girls to [...]

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