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wrapping paper using comic book paper and washi tape

J and I decided early on that we didn't want to do extravagant gifts, but we did want to give each other something meaningful the day of our wedding. I set myself a $50 budget and got to work. My gift had two parts - one sentimental and one fun. Both were uniquely "us." The [...]

card catalog seating cards for wedding

One of the biggest wedding tasks was creating our seating cards. Following the theme set forth by our guest favors, we decided to add a library twist to our seating cards. Yep, you read that right - library. Stay with me here.... I promise it will make more sense. I envisioned using library cards and [...]

typewriter guestbook for wedding "type a note to the newlyweds"

Out of all of the prep I did for the wedding - the guest book was by FAR my favorite. After deciding to give a book donation in lieu of traditional favors, I had books, pages and text on my mind. Enter the guest book idea: a typewriter. My vision was to find a vintage [...]

strawberry sangria served at wedding

J and I wanted to do something a little different for the bar, so we served a signature drink that was uniquely "us" to our guests - strawberry sangria (yum!) It was a beautiful pink color and was displayed in a large glass decanter atop the bar. Each drink was garnished with a strawberry of [...]

vintage brooches on cake plate

The hostesses were extra sneaky with this surprise - the shower guests were each invited bring a brooch to create a brooch bouquet. Following the trusty vintage theme, the brooches were used in lieu of a traditional bow bouquet. I ended up with a beautiful assortment of brooches - each with its own story. Together [...]

vintage hankies as decor and favors

One of the big hits of the shower was the adorable decor. My sister used hankies for double duty - to decorate the room AND be a cute take home favor for the guests. She strung up the vintage patterns on twine using clothes pins. Each hankie had a little note tied to it: What [...]

cookies and cream oreo cupcakes

Let's face it, one of the best parts of a bridal shower, or any party for that matter, HAS to be the food. And these hostesses didn't disappoint - we had a huge spread of fresh fruit, coffee cake, tasty breads and of course, cupcakes. I know the most about the cupcakes because my sister [...]

advice cards from bridal shower

One of my favorite parts of the shower was getting to read through the advice left for me from the guests. These women- grandmas, aunts, neighbors, friends and church family- have supported me my whole life, so getting a snippet of advice and a word of well-wishing was sweet to say the least.

Vintage Bridal Shower

bridal shower invitation

While we were back in Iowa, my sister and a group of close friends and neighbors hosted me a lovely bridal shower. They went with a vintage theme and executed it to a T. Everything from the invitations to the dishes and decor had a garden tea party in mind. I feel like my sister, [...]

This is another DIY Christmas gift that I completed. I wanted to find a creative way to give gift cards, so I put together gift cards as 4 different seasonal surprises (date night, shopping spree, etc), placed them in fun envelopes corresponding to each season, and packaged it all together with a 2012 calendar. I [...]

With more time on my hands than I expected and an excess of creative energy, I decided to make one last gift for little Mahala right before we headed home for the holidays. I thought Hoots the Owl turned out so cute, that I tried my hand at one more softie. This time I picked [...]

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