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Yesterday was one of those days - a day where I had no clue what I was doing as a mom. They seem to be happening more frequently lately, and I've been doing a lot of reflecting on what it means for my day-to-day decisions and my overall role as a mom. I know very [...]

just mama and me

We'll be welcoming our newest arrival in just 6 short weeks, and I've been preparing in many different areas of life - purchasing baby gear, washing up clothes, finishing childbirth education courses, and stockpiling diapers. Beyond being ready for our littlest lady, I've also been trying to plan ahead for the needs of big sister [...]

toddler tasks

toddler tasks

Recently I've been trying to find a better balance between all of my duties as a stay-at-home mom. There's housework, meals, blogging tasks, and of course - quality time with Eleanor. Naps and post-bedtime for Eleanor used to be my sweet spot for tackling my "to do" list, but I was finding that I still [...]

Toys traditionally top a kid's Christmas list, but sometimes parents can have enough of the stuff. Not giving toys may sound like a Scrooge move, but I promise it can be just as fun and festive! You can cut down on the toy room clutter and still give your kids a Christmas morning they'll always remember! [...]

I talk a lot about the BIG things that make me happy - my family, my friends, and even my blog. But lately I've realized that there are a lot of little things that make me really happy too! Like getting a pack of red and pink Starbursts, sometimes all it takes is something small to brighten my [...]

behind the scenes blog tour

behind the scenes blog tour

Take an inside look at what it's like writing, creating, and photographing for Makingmine.com  Who nominated me? I was nominated last week by Hannah from Clean Eating Veggie Girl. Hannah is a friend both from the blogosphere and "real life." If you're a regular reader of Makingmine, you've probably seen her photo countless times and heard me [...]

water baby

water baby

Hello and happy Tuesday! I'm finally getting around to updating you on Jeff's birthday celebration from earlier this month. The guy is pretty much impossible to shop for, so Eleanor and I hatched a scheme to plan a fun evening instead of a traditional gift. Jeff loves nothing more than spending a day at the [...]

There aren't many shows that Jeff and I "can't miss," but we always tune into Biggest Loser on Tuesday nights. We are avid fans and love following the contestants' inspiring journeys. But as great as the contestants are, let's be real, we all watch for the trainer antics, haha! Bob and Jillian are the faces [...]


26th birthday

Today I'm celebrating 26 years! 25 was an amazing year, and 26 has started off just as great! Jeff is out of town all week, so we had a little celebration this past weekend. Here are a few birthday snaps: Balloon fun with Eleanor Sweet treats from my mama   Headed out to dinner with [...]

why wait?

why wait

While going through a box of my childhood belongings, I stumbled across my favorite coloring books. I loved was obsessed with trolls as a kid, so when my parents gave me two troll coloring books, they quickly became my most cherished possessions. So much so, that I never, EVER made a mark in them. If [...]

baby journal revisited

Excuse me while I get overly mushy and sentimental... One of the first things I did when I found out I was pregnant was buy journals for Jeff and I to document our pregnancy. I knew that we would both have different perspectives and that no matter how memorable a moment may seem, it would [...]

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