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The following post was sponsored by Stonyfield

To say things have been busy around here lately is an understatement. As you’re reading this post, Jeff and I have *hopefully* made the FINAL trip to our old house to move the rest of our things. It’s truly amazing just how much stuff we were able to cram into that house!

I’ve been surrounded by boxes and bubble wrap for 2 weeks straight, and I’m excited to be fully settled into our new place. The next time I plan on packing/unpacking boxes is when Eleanor goes to college ;)

Now, on to the good stuff…

what makes you feel loved
With such a hectic season in our life, some of our regular routines have gone by the wayside, but ones that always, ALWAYS remains are the girls’ bedtime routines. I nurse Everly to sleep around 6:00, and then Jeff and I have 2 solid hours to spend with Eleanor.

Most nights Jeff and I cuddle up on either side of Eleanor in her twin bed – we talk about our favorite part of the day, sing a few every song we know, read a story, and finish with a hug, kiss, and the blankets pulled up tight under her chin. Some nights are more rushed than others (especially with a long list of moving tasks), but we truly try to savor that alone time with our big girl.

This month Stonyfield challenged us blogging mamas to ask our kiddos one very important question – “How can I help you feel loved?”

Now, that’s kind of a big question for a 2 year old, but I gave it a shot. I expected Eleanor to answer with something like “cuddle me,” or “read to me,” or “sing with me.” I was way off base. That’s how I feel connected to my little girl, but her answer was much different.

Eleanor replied that she feels loved when we do stickers together. Now, I know my girl loves stickers – that can be evidenced by the plethora of stickers I pull off clothes every time I do laundry, but I knew it was more than that.

Sticker time is an activity that’s just for the two of us. Everly is usually down for a nap, and I’m able to concentrate fully on Eleanor. She knows I pick them out at the store especially for her, and we have so much fun creating artistic masterpieces and games of make-believe together.

So it’s not JUST stickers…

Stickers mean mom is thinking of me.
Stickers mean mom wants to spend time with me.
Stickers mean mom hears and understands me.
Stickers mean love.

And do you know, what else means love? Yogurt ;)

I encourage all you mamas to ask your kiddos the same question – share their answers in the comments! I’d love to hear! :)

A big thank you to Stonyfield for starting this conversation with my sweet girl and for being such a positive supporter of my blog this year! Looking forward to a wonderful 2016!

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