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dear baby…


One of the first things I did after finding out Baby M was on the way was order pregnancy journals for J and I. I had read about the importance of finding a way to connect with baby before he/she actually arrives. I really wanted a way to center my thoughts on pregnancy and give J a special outlet for “getting to know” Baby M. I searched online for pre-made pregnancy journals, but I didn’t want to be stuck in any certain structure. Plus, many of them were just way too cheesy. I wanted the journals to be something that J and I could use to reflect over the next 9 months and someday pass on to Baby M to let him/her know we were thinking of, preparing for, and LOVING them long before they were born.

With no options I absolutely loved, I decided to design my own. I used Minted this summer for my bridesmaids gifts and loved them so much that I decided to use them again! The pages inside are simple lined pages that allow for free-flowing thoughts and photos. I decided to stay neutral for the front covers sticking with shades of blue and green. Mine says “enjoy the journey” with “Baby Murnan” printed on the signs. J’s simply scrawls “baby m” in script. I think they turned out adorable.

For the inside cover, I customized a nameplate for each of us. Mine reads, “this journal belongs to joanna murnan. mommy’s diary of pregnancy with baby murnan.”


I didn’t ask J’s permission to show his copy, so I won’t put up a picture of his, but it reads, ” this journal belongs to jeff murnan. daddy’s diary of baby m. 9 months of memories.”

Also, the ultrasound photos above are from 8 weeks and 6 weeks respectively. How cute is our little gummy bear?! :)

I have loved using my journal to privately reflect with little Baby M. It has turned into a series of love letters and news updates for my sweet baby. Just a few days ago I got to update that I felt him/her kick for the very first time! Thinking ahead (waaaay ahead), this is definitely something I want to be able to gift each of my children someday.

Would you or have you used a pregnancy journal? Did your partner use one as well? What other ways have you found to connect with your baby before birth?

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