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dear body

Today’s blog challenge from Liv, Laugh, Love is to write a letter. Any letter. A letter that’s meant to be read. I thought about this for quite awhile before deciding who to write my letter to… It’s someone very deserving :)


Dear Body,

First of all, thank you. You’ve been unbelievable. You supported me through 9 months of pregnancy, 14 hours of labor, 3.5 weeks of motherhood, and 16 daily breastfeeding sessions. All while getting far less sleep than you’d become accustomed to. And in-between salads and smoothies, you routinely endured pregnancy cravings of chocolate malts and sour patch kids (sorry about that).

You allowed me to stay active through pregnancy – even continuing to run well into our 3rd trimester. You also helped me move across states into a new house at 32 weeks with ease. When I look at the baby in my arms, I can’t believe she once fit snuggly inside your torso. I don’t know how you held all 7lbs, 8oz of baby, but THANK YOU!

Birth was no easy business, but thanks to you, pushing took less than an hour! Thank you also for the fast postpartum recovery. I know an active pregnancy made healing easier, but I really am astonished at how quickly you’ve “bounced back.” I feel more in control than ever!

I have BIG goals for you in the coming months. You’re great and all, but I’d like to see you stronger and more toned. You also have some work to do on endurance. Let’s make a plan together and see what we can accomplish!

I’d also like the take the opportunity to apologize for that belly button piercing. That one itty bitty stretch mark totally isn’t your fault. Pregnancy proved that was a bad idea :)

Much love,

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