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don’t let anybody tell you it’s not important

When I was expecting baby #2 (who we now lovingly know as Everly), a lot of second time parents gave me advice. Most of it was along the lines of, “you’ll realize that nothing you thought was important with your first child is important for the second.”

I was told everything from decorating a nursery to putting together a baby book to buying the sensitive diapers to responding to her very first whimper would no longer matter to me. “Just wait… you’ll see”

And in many ways, they were right. Yes, I worry less, I’m more relaxed, and I let a lot more “stuff” slide this time around. I haven’t made as many calls to the pediatrician, I can leave the baby with less anxiety – I’m certainly more comfortable with this whole “mom thing.”

But in many ways, they were wrong. There are still SO many things that are just as important to me the second time around.

don't let anybody tell you it's not important
Decorating Everly’s nursery made me so excited for her impending arrival – we were carving out a special place in our home just for her! Writing down her milestones for her baby book makes my mama heart so happy. And holding her for her afternoon nap (while it means I get nothing done) remains a highlight of my day.

So here’s what I decided…

If it matters to me, it’s important.
If it makes me happy, it’s important.
If it makes me feel like a good mom, it’s important! 

So the next time you get a piece of “advice” from someone (me included), smile and nod…. and then do exactly as you please ;) 

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