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easter angel food

As I mentioned in my Easter Snaps post, Jeff and I hosted both sides of our family for lunch on Sunday. I planned a fresh, Spring menu with yummy salads, my favorite mashed potatoes, and a delicious ham. I even stole a couple of ideas from the tasting at Chef^2 (more on that here) and prepared the Italian Herb olive oil drizzled baguette and mixed greens with blueberry balsamic and blood orange vinaigrette!  Everything turned out great, but my favorite part (as always) was the dessert.

Cupcakes are traditionally my “thing,” but I decided to venture out and make a traditional cake. After talking through different options with my mom, we decided to make a light, airy angel food. I have fond memories back from my 4-H days of perfecting my angel food technique to bring to county fair.

angel food cake
The recipe I used was the top result on Google – you can’t go wrong with that, right?! I followed the recipe exactly and used both almond and vanilla for flavoring. YUM!

The only thing different from my 4-H days is the upgrade to my standing Kitchenaid mixer. Whoa, what a difference! I remember (not so fondly) mixing and mixing FOR-EV-ER waiting for those glossy peaks to appear in the batter. The Kitchenaid made the whole process much faster!

angel food cake
All in all, it was a quick and easy recipe that turned out beautifully! I topped off each piece with a dollop of whipped cream (well, none for me) and fresh cut strawberries (extra for me, haha).

angel food cake
We had a nice amount of leftovers, but with Jeff and I both home on Monday and Tuesday, they didn’t last long!

Your turn:

Are you an angel food fan? What’s you favorite topping?
What’s your “go to” dessert?


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