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easy toddler ornaments

You guys, today’s post has been a YEAR in the making! Eleanor and I made these as Christmas gifts last year, and I totally forgot to post about them. Better late than never, right?

Last Christmas, my little lady was 18 months old, and the perfect age for some handmade Christmas crafting! Look how tiny and adorable she was…

easy toddler ornaments
Ok, she’s still completely adorable, but I can’t believe how much she’s grown! I wanted her to be as involved as possible, so I kept things pretty simple. It was messy, but nothing a few baby wipes couldn’t fix ;)

For the BRIGHT bulbs, I dipped her thumb into 5 different colors of paint and then used a very fine paint brush to draw a green string connecting all of the “lights.”

easy toddler ornaments
The SIMPLE santa was true to it’s name, and definitely the easiest of the bunch! I painted her palm red and her fingers white. Then I stamped her handprint (fingers down) onto the ornament and hot glued a white pom pom to the thumb print to make Santa’s hat!

easy toddler ornaments
The RAD reindeer was my personal fave – SO cute! This time I painted her whole hand brown and stamped it fingers up onto the bulb. Then I used a fine tipped Sharpie to draw on the eyes and hot glued a red pom pom for the nose!

easy toddler ornaments
All three ornaments were finished with some green satin ribbon to hang on the tree. I think they turned out absolutely adorable, and our family loved them!

easy toddler ornaments

Supply list:

Clear Ornaments
Washable Paint
Green Ribbon
Pom Poms
Hot Glue

These are the only three ornaments I managed to get out this year, so good thing they’re cute! We’ll be working on some brand new creations to give as gifts this year too! Hopefully I’ll get those shared before 2016 ;)

Your turn:

Do you decorate with handmade ornaments? 
Have you done any Christmas crafting this year?

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