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Easy Turkey Craft for Kids

Thanksgiving week is officially upon us – I swear we were just picking out Halloween costumes, but here we are mamas! I don’t tend to do a ton of decorating for Thanksgiving, but having kiddos makes me want to make the most of every holiday.

When my friend Jordan asked me if I wanted her left over mini pumpkins, I said, “You bet! I’m sure the girls and I will find something to do with them.” And hence, this easy turkey craft was born! ;)

Easy Turkey Craft to Do with your Kids

Easy Turkey Craft How-To

First, you’ll want to gather your supplies:

First up, you’ll dye your “turkey feathers.” We actually tried three different ways to color our feathers: painting with water colors, using eye droppers filled with water dyed with food coloring, and spraying dyed water from a squirt bottle.

Easy Turkey Craft your Kids will Love! Spraying coffee filters for the "turkey tail"
Any version will work, but Eleanor and I both liked the spray bottle method the most. It was something new and fun, and it didn’t get the coffee filters quite as saturated with water. But bottom line, use what you have on hand, and I promise it will turn out just great :)

We filled an empty spray bottle with water, dropped in some food coloring, and sprayed the coffee filters.  (After we were already done with our craft, I found mini spray bottles in the travel-sized toiletries section at Target and picked up a few. They are perfect for little hands!)

Step-by-Step Instructions for an Easy Turkey Craft to do with your Kids

Now you’re ready to start building your turkey!

1. Once they’re dry, have your little one scrunch up the coffee filters to give them some volume and texture, then use thumb tacks to attach 3 filters to the back of your mini pumpkin to create the tail.

An easy turkey craft your preschooler will love to do with you
2. Use a pen to mark where to place the eyes and beak.

3. Have your little one push in two black pins for the eyes and a brown pin for the beak.

Easy turkey craft perfect for your preschool kids
4. Cut a two inch piece of red pipe cleaner and twist it around the “beak” to make your turkey’s wattle.

And you’re done! Oh so easy and oh so cute!

Thanksgiving turkey craft

Precious Holiday Memories

This easy little turkey craft was so worth it – Everly is delighted every time she walks into the living room and sees it up on our mantle, and Eleanor is so proud of her handiwork. We have a couple more turkeys saved back to dress up the table for Thanksgiving dinner.

I hope you all have a great holiday filled with great food, family and friends :)

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xoxo joanna


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