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eleanor: 8 months

I feel like a broken record saying this, but THIS MONTH WAS A WHIRLWIND! How is my little girl already 8 months old? The past month has been full of ups and downs (more on that tomorrow), but Eleanor is as sweet as ever!

monthly baby photo

She has adjusted nicely into Montessori, and it’s obvious that she feels comfortable in her environment and loved by her teachers. The first 2 weeks were rough with lots of tears, but we saw progress each day. She will now play independently, babble, scoot, and even nap for them (trust me, this is BIG news haha).

monthly baby photo
Eleanor has been up on all fours rocking for a few weeks now. She can propel herself backwards and get just about anywhere she wants to go, but she has yet to figure out how to go forwards. It’s so funny watching her circle the room inch by inch backwards! It often ends up with her stuck somewhere.

She and Ruby have also been showing greater interest in each other. Eleanor loves petting her puppy, watching her play fetch, and yes, even playing with her toys when mom isn’t watching close enough (ew). It doesn’t help that Ruby is great at “sharing” and delivers dog toys personally to Eleanor’s lap.

monthly baby photo
Between dealing with digestive issues and inevitable daycare germs, Eleanor has been sick a lot this past month. We’ve gotten out of routine and developed less than ideal sleeping habits, so sleep training is in full force once again (I wonder how many times I’ll be saying that, haha).

Jeff and I continue to be amazed at how much our baby has grown and changed since June. Is it possible for me to have baby fever already?! ;)

Without further ado, here’s the latest with little Miss E!

monthly baby photo
At 8 months Eleanor…

…weighs about 16.5 pounds

…attends daycare 5 days a week

…loves being tickled

…is curious about where things go when she can no longer see them

…has 2 teeth that require constant chewing (thank goodness for Sophie the giraffe)

…went swimming for the first time

…enjoys ringing her toy bell and shaking her maracas

…delights in playing “peek” with mom and dad

…waves hello to greet people

…can scoot on her bottom to grab toys

…has had a trip to the ER and doctor’s visits with 2 specialists

…pushes herself backwards all around the house

…LOVES eating sweet potatoes and squash

…says “mama” and “dada”

…signs for “milk” and “diaper”

…is fascinated with faces and wants her fingers in mouths and up noses (you’ve been warned, haha)

…continues to self-soothe with thumb sucking

…has 2 teeth and a smile that melts my heart

Happy 8 months Eleanor True! 

monthly baby photo

For a look at Eleanor’s updates for months 1 – 7, click here!


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