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father’s day bicycle craft

Here’s a bonus Father’s Day craft idea – be sure to check out Eleanor’s Milk and Cookies Gift too! 

Aside from her daddy, Eleanor has two more special men to make gifts for this Father’s Day – her grandpas! All three of these guys love biking (and do so often together), so I thought it would be fun to center their gifts around their common interest! Plus, Eleanor “wheely” does love them ;)

This paint resist craft was super fun, super messy, and super cute!

father's day bicycle paint resist craft


Very lightly sketch the outline of a bicycle on the canvas board (sorry it’s so hard to see – when I say light, I really mean it haha)

father's day bicycle paint resist craft
Trace the pencil outline with your glue pen

father's day bicycle paint resist craft
Allow glue to dry completely and then fingerprint with watered down paint over the entire canvas

father's day bicycle paint resist craft
Let your little one run wild with the paint design! I think two colors looks best because they mix slightly, but they don’t get too muddy. The watered down paint gets a little messy, so I recommend having baby wipes and paper towels on hand!

Don’t be surprised if the bicycle outline seems to really fade right after painting. As it drys, the resist effect will take place and the paint will drip away from the glue making your design more prominent!

I hope the grandpas love their gifts as much as I do! Eleanor had an absolute blast making these special presents for her “papas!” I’m sure it won’t be long before they’ll be teaching her to ride a bike of her own :)

Your turn:

Have you ever done paint resist?
What are your top Father’s Day gift ideas?

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