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finding my “yes”

You may (or may not) have noticed a severe lack of fitness posts here lately, and the reason is simple… there hasn’t been much happening in that department. I think like many people, the intensity of my fitness regimen tends to ebb and flow, but this time I’ve hit a serious rut. I occasionally go for a quick run or swim laps, but the routine is simply not there.

finding my yes
So why?
Lately I’ve been getting caught up in the “no.”

No, I can’t go swim… Eleanor hasn’t been to Y-Care in awhile and I’ll be pulled out of the pool within 10 minutes.
No, I can’t go for a run… my hip is still bothering me, so who knows how far I’ll make it.
No, I can’t go to the gym… these are peak hours and I HATE waiting for equipment.

No, no, no , NO!

If it wasn’t going to be the most spectacular workout of my life, it just wasn’t worth trying at all.

In-between the “no,” I’ve been reading some pretty great blogs, two of which really resonated with me. Awhile ago Carla wrote this great post about playing hopscotch with her daughter and viewing fitness as doing “what you can, when you can.” And just this week Lindsay wrote about the motivation behind her group training business named MoveMore (pretty self-explanatory there).

Both of these women made me realize that amidst all of the “no,” I needed to find my “yes.” Was every workout going to be perfect? Was I always going to fit everything in? No.

So what could I do? Well, I could do “what I could, when I could” and I certainly could “move more.”

finding my yes
So with that in mind…

Yes, I can drop Eleanor at Y-Care. Maybe I’ll only get 10 minutes, but I bet she lasts longer next time!
Yes, I can go for a run. Maybe it’ll only be 3 miles, but that’s more than I did last week!
Yes, I can go to the gym. Maybe I’ll try something new if my machine is busy.
And yes, I can be flexible. At home workouts are no less effective than going to the gym. Do SOMETHING!

Armed with a new mindset, today is a new day! It also doesn’t hurt to (virtually) surround myself with role models – thanks Lindsay and Carla.

Maybe today moving more is going for a hike with my sister…

finding my yes
Or maybe I’ll do what I can, when I can by strapping a baby to my back and taking the dogs for an extra walk…

finding my yes
No matter what, I know it’s not about perfection; it’s about finding the windows (however small they may be), to do something GOOD for myself.

Wish Eleanor luck at Y-Care :)

Your turn:

Do you ever find yourself caught in “no?”
How do you get out?

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