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First Trimester Commandments

1st trimester commandments
Congratulations! You just found out you’re expecting your little bundle of joy. Now what? Pregnancy is full of excitement, fear, and a multitude of physical changes. Here are 7 essential rules to help guide your first trimester:

first trimester commandments
You got your positive, you rejoiced, you freaked, and you immediately went out and bought three more packs of pregnancy tests. We’ve all been there, but mama, you’ve got to STOP peeing on sticks. A positive is a positive, so save your hard earned money for some Ben & Jerry’s. Your babe will be peeing through enough diapers in 9 months anyways.

2. Thou shalt lie.

Mhmm. That’s right. Not ready to announce the big news? Go ahead and lie. It’s up to you when, how and who you announce your pregnancy to. In the meantime, have a little fun with your free pass for deception.

first trimester commandments
Who knew a baby the size of a poppy seed could make it impossible to button your pants? Bloat is a first trimester reality that all pregnant mamas must embrace. Blame that little poppy seed and leave those jeans unbuttoned.

4. Thou shalt complain.

Pregnancy is a beautiful blessing, babies are a gift, and blah, blah, blah, blah. Between all day nausea, peeing every half hour, and developing the nose of a bloodhound, the first trimester is HARD and you deserve to complain every now and then. Don’t worry, you’ll forget everything once that sweet babe is in your arms anyways.

first trimester commandments
Fatigue is often one of the first signs of pregnancy (and an ominous sign of life with a newborn). Napping isn’t just encouraged; it’s essential. Learn to stop, drop, and nap whenever you get the chance. Your loved ones will be forever grateful.

6. Honor thy mother.

That’s you little mama! The first trimester can be the pits, so it’s only fair you call the shots. Go ahead and turn the thermostat down to 50 degrees. Demand scrambled eggs for dinner for three weeks straight. Make your husband sleep sideways in the bed. Honor thy mother – and what you say goes.

first trimester commandments
Step AWAY from Google. You heard me. “Dr. Google” will diagnose you with thirteen fatal conditions within ten minutes of searching. If you find yourself going crazy on pregnancy message boards, put down your laptop and call your nurse line. Let’s not lose our sanity just yet; we have two more trimesters to go!

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Your turn:

What commandment would you add to the list?

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