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frozen birthday {+ princess cupcake dress tutorial}

While we were vacationing in Texas, we had the privilege of celebrating my niece Mahala’s 4th birthday! Like most little ladies her age, M is obsessed with all things Frozen! My sister planned the most adorable Frozen party for our very own Princess Elsa, and she was absolutely delighted!

princess cupcake dress
My personal obsession with cupcakes left me in charge of M’s birthday cake (a task I was more than happy to take on)! We decided to make a Frozen inspired princess cupcake dress! It turned out really cute and was very simple to assemble – check it out!

princess cupcake dress
Mahala and I whipped up 2 batches of these tasty vanilla cupcakes. I forgot the milk in the first batch (whoops!). They turned out a little dry, but still remarkably good (see the top half of the dress). Then I got to work assembling the dress…

princess cupcake dress
First I covered a flattened cardboard box in aluminum foil for my base. I then arranged 26 cupcakes into a dress shape. You can really make this as large or as small as you like. This number fit perfectly on our board!

Next, I swirled frosting on each individual cupcake before going back and filling in the gaps. I then “blotted” the frosting with the tip of the dispenser to create a more textured look.

For the larger holes, I placed marshmallows in the gaps to support the frosting (see photo #3 above).

Last, Mahala helped me create the candy sash and “sequin” sprinkles!

princess cupcake dress
For a finishing touch, Rachel added a tiara and wand fit for a princess! Obviously, the frosting HAD to be licked off ;)

Rachel also made some beautifully BLUE ice cream to enjoy with our cake – perfect for the Frozen occasion!

princess cupcake dress
Jeff and I were SO happy to celebrate with Mahala! How blessed are we for getting to enjoy BOTH of our nieces big days?! And let’s be real, another chance to eat cake and ice cream is always welcomed ;)

Your turn:

Any Frozen lovers in your house?
What has been your favorite party theme?

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