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good read: happier at home

About a year ago I read Gretchen Rubin’s book The Happiness Project and LOVED it. While I didn’t embark on my own happiness project, I did take many of her suggestions into account and started actively thinking about how I could increase my happiness on a daily basis. Well, for at least awhile :)

Like most things, good intentions fade and are soon forgotten when there isn’t an action plan in place. I have heard about her follow-up book Happier at Home for awhile now and decided that it was time to refresh my own happiness radar. I checked the book out from our library and have hardly put it down since. This book focuses on steps we can all take to be more intentional about finding happiness in our immediate environment – our homes.

The jacket of her book reads, “Kiss More, Jump More, Abandon a Project, Read Samuel Johnson, and My Other Experiments in the Practice of Everyday Life.” These are just a number of the monthly resolutions she made to make her home more enjoyable. I won’t go into detail about her project since reading the book for yourself is really the only way to do it justice :)


I love Rubin’s style of writing. It’s practical but not preachy. She gives concrete examples and makes her happiness endeavors relatable and approachable for her readers. I feel happier just reading her words and inspired to make positive changes for myself. I plan on reading this book through for a second time before returning it to the library – the 2nd reading will include notes and ideas of my own. (I find it much easier to focus on notes during a 2nd reading)

If the past year of my life has taught me anything it’s that I am the only person that can make myself happy. This may sound self-centered, but I truly believe it’s the case. Of course J, my baby, my family, and my friends all bring me a great deal of happiness, but they are not responsible for my happiness and can’t MAKE me happy if I’m unwilling to be so.

J and I have recently made several life-changing decisions based on happiness. We chose to start a family because of the joy children bring to our lives. We chose to move to Omaha because of the happiness of being around family.

I want to implement changes on a smaller scale to bring more happiness into our home. Little things I can do on a daily basis to make life easier and more enjoyable  for all of us. As I get my own “happiness project” planned out, I’ll share it with all of you.

What are some of your ideas to make your life happier at home? Have you read any of Rubin’s works? What was your reaction? Do you think you could/would structure yourself to keep monthly “happiness” resolutions?

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