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grandparent gift

Mother’s Day was a few weeks back, but I have yet to share Eleanor’s fun little gift she put together for her grandmas. I was inspired by an idea I found on Pinterest, but E and I made it our own with some special supplies and a personalized message :)

grandparent gift
Art projects with a toddler are always a bit of an experiment, but Eleanor did great! I’m hoping to make arts and crafts part of our weekly routine.

grandparent gift
For this project, we needed:

grandparent gift
This craft is pretty self-explanatory from the picture, but here’s a quick rundown:

I painted Eleanor’s hand and had her place it toward the bottom of the board (I suggest having baby wipes handy for quick clean up). Then she used the glue pen to make each dot before placing one of the tissue paper flowers on it. I painted the flower stems and used a sharpie to write our message. Voilà – you’re done! 

grandparent gift
Eleanor loved this craft, and she was able to do the majority of it on her own! She was so proud to present both of her grandmas with her special gift.

File this idea away for Mother’s Day 2016 OR have your little one make it for a special lady for her birthday, grandparent’s day, or just because you love her :)

Your turn:

Do you like DIY projects?
What’s the best homemade gift you’ve ever made/received?


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