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Haunting at Hogwarts

Halloween kicked off early this year with our very first “adult night” at Omaha Children’s Museum. Last Saturday they threw a Harry Potter themed bash aptly named “Haunting at Hogwarts.”

It was an incredibly fun event – they thought through every last detail and made the night truly magical! I have some photos below, but you should really check out this album to get a better feel for the night!

Owl Post for Haunting at Hogwarts at Omaha Children's Museum
After securing our tickets, Jeff and I both received mail via the “owl post” with the event details along with which house we were sorted into. I was deemed a Ravenclaw and Jeff a Slytherin – oddly enough, I think Omaha Children’s Museum was spot on with both of us ;)

Date Night at Omaha Children's Museum

Hogwart’s Finest

We went super low-maintenance on our costumes, but they did the job! Honestly, people watching was one of the best parts of the night! People were SO creative and I loved the array of great costumes.

Jeff went as Harry Potter himself: black pants, white button-down, grey sweater, burgundy tie, HP glasses, Hogwarts badge, and a lightening bolt scar lovingly drawn on his forehead using an eyebrow pencil ;)

I didn’t choose any character in particular, and went for a traditional Hogwarts student look: white blouse, black blazer, skater skirt, black tights, black booties, and a Hogwarts badge

Omaha Children's Museum Adult Night Harry Potter

Magical Moments

Our first stop upon arrival was the psychic. Jeff and I had been discussing the probability of Murnan Baby #3 while waiting in line, so when she asked us if we had any questions I just blurted out, “will we have any more kids?” Like Professor Trelawney herself, our spacey psychic gave us a long, convoluted answer that mostly involved us getting goats (get it, “kids?”). Needless to say, the odds of Baby #3 are unknown ;)

Harry Potter Night at Omaha Children's Museum
At this point, we met up with our friends Erin and Molly and headed upstairs to listen to the band and snap a few photos. You definitely don’t want to mess with the likes of us :)

Desserts at Adult Night at Omaha Children's Museum
Much like the Hogwarts banquet hall, Omaha Children’s Museum had quite the spread of tasty treats! I had (a few of) these cupcakes as I waited in line for the Butterbeer.

Cauldron Snacks at Omaha Children's Museum Adult NightAnd how cute are these cauldrons of popcorn! It’s all about the details!

Omaha Children's Museum Adult Night
I was pretty pumped to snag my Butterbeer – it tasted a lot like the cream soda we drink here in the Muggle world ;)

Omaha Children's Museum Harry Potter Night
Aside from eating my way through tables upon tables of food, another highlight were the owls on display from Fontenelle Forrest. I have to admit, they are super creepy when they stare at you, but Jeff was quite the natural.

Omaha Children's Museum Haunting at Hogwarts Adult Night
We also attended a potions class, made our own wands, and did a horrible, horrible job at Harry Potter trivia, haha! I didn’t, however, attempt to make my way to the Ministry of Magic ;)

Harry Potter Haunting at Hogwarts Omaha Children's Musum
Haunting at Hogwarts was a really fun night and a great way to kick off Halloween! The Children’s Museum has been a family favorite for years, but now we have a whole new reason to love it! I can’t wait to see what they come up with next! Go like them on Facebook to make sure you don’t miss the next Adult Night at the Museum!

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xoxo joanna

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