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healthy “berry” 1st birthday cake

Figuring out Eleanor’s 1st birthday cake was one of the most challenging parts of party planning. Her MSPI issues seem to be resolving themselves, but we’re still pretty conservative with what we feed her. Her digestive system is a bit touchy, so we continue to avoid soy and most grains. I searched high and low for a healthy “cake” that would be gentle on her tummy.

first birthday cake
I’ve been following Heather at Fit Mama Real Food for a few years now and remembered that she fed her son Hunter a no sugar added cake for his 1st birthday. I looked up her recipe and knew it was just what I was looking for.

It’s a banana based recipe along with applesauce and blended oats. I made a test batch to taste for myself and loved it! Sure, it’s more of a muffin consistency, but a 1 year old doesn’t know the difference :)

To keep with the theme of her “Berry” 1st Birthday, I decided to make her cake strawberry shaped. I ordered this Wilton 4 inch heart shaped pan from Amazon (affiliate link here) and knew that I could create the perfect personalized cake for my sweet girl.strawberry shaped cakes

I’m glad I did the test batch because I learned to fill the pan only half full. My 1st batch was still a bit “gooey” inside and I liked a thinner cake for creating my berry.

first birthday cake

I also used Heather’s frosting recipe. It took awhile to thicken up enough to spread, so I recommend refrigerating the mixture for at least 2 hours before beginning to frost. I used beet juice to achieve the perfect berry pink and 1 drop of green food coloring (I couldn’t find a good natural option) for the stem.


Making the heart shape into a strawberry couldn’t have been easier. I placed the cake on a white plate, spread the pink frosting over the entire surface and then used a small spatula to “paint” the stem right on the plate.

The verdict?

first birthday cake

She LOVED it!

first birthday cake

Much to the disappointment of the crowd gathered to watch her, she calmly ate the cake in her signature dainty Eleanor manner and didn’t go “cake crazy” like some kiddos do. My friend Kelly commented that it was the cleanest cake smash in history ;)

first birthday cake

The best part was that there were plenty of leftovers, so I used mini cake rounds for the extra batter. Eleanor enjoyed this special treat as a snack for days :)

No, my cake wasn’t professionally perfect, but it felt good to make my baby’s 1st cake all on my own. It also put my mind at ease to know exactly what Eleanor was ingesting (I don’t think these MSPI worries will go away until she’s 30, haha).

And yes, I’m already dreaming up ideas for her 2nd birthday :)

Your turn:

Have you ever made a shaped cake? This was my 1st!
Do you bake or buy? I love to bake, but I also have a FAVE cake from Wheatfield – Italian Wedding Cake (yum)

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