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homemade “banilla” frozen yogurt

*Thanks Stonyfield for sponsoring this post!

Making frozen treats can be just as fun as eating them! All it takes is your favorite Stonyfield yogurt, some yummy mix-ins, and a bit of space to run and play :)

homemade banilla frozen yogurt
Stonyfield sent us this awesome Ice Cream Ball from YayLabs! You get to PLAY with a ball and make frozen treats at the same time! It’s seriously so easy…

We gave it a try this past weekend and decided to use Stonyfield Banilla yogurt (that’s banana + vanilla) and mini chocolate peanut butter cups from Trader Joes. We just mixed it all together and poured it in the canister on one side of the ball. Then we filled the other side with ice and rock salt and made sure both lids were screwed on tight!

homemade banilla frozen yogurt
Now for the fun…

homemade banilla frozen yogurt
To get our froyo nice and cold, Eleanor helped us kick and roll the ball all around the backyard. (It was a little leaky from the ice side, so I’d definitely recommend keeping this as an outdoor activity.) It only took about 10 minutes of mixing, and she loved getting to help make our tasty treat!

homemade banilla frozen yogurt
The end result was just as delicious as we imagined, and I can’t believe how easy the whole process was! We’ll definitely be experimenting with more combinations this summer!

homemade banilla frozen yogurt
What flavor would you try?
What are your favorite froyo mix-ins?

*Thanks Stonyfield for sponsoring this post!

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