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Joanna’s Workshop – Hoots the Owl

It’s officially after Christmas, and all the gifts have been opened. Now I get to share all the goodies I’ve been working on for the ones I love :)

First, Hoots the owl for my niece Mahala.

I found this pattern on Pinterest and thought it was absolutely adorable. M’s nursery is animal themed, so I thought this softie would be a cute addition to her collection. Since I’ve hardly dipped a toe in sewing, I didn’t have an arsenal of scraps to turn to for making this project. However, I found a great alternative. At JoAnn Fabrics they sell fat quarters in all sorts of patterns. They are super cheap and were an easy way to get a wide variety of colors and designs for this project (and my next project as well, but more on that later).

The pattern is very straightforward and easy to follow. The only thing I would change is that I would sew on the eyes and beak BEFORE attaching the two sides together. It was really tedious to do this step once the front and back were sewn together.

Here’s my finished result….

I had a great time making Hoots the owl. Everything from picking the fabric to making him perfectly plump with stuffing was more fun knowing that this was a gift for the delightful little M. I hope she enjoys adding Hoots to her family of animal toys! :)

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