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just mama and me

We’ll be welcoming our newest arrival in just 6 short weeks, and I’ve been preparing in many different areas of life – purchasing baby gear, washing up clothes, finishing childbirth education courses, and stockpiling diapers. Beyond being ready for our littlest lady, I’ve also been trying to plan ahead for the needs of big sister Eleanor.

So far, we’ve been talking about the baby in mommy’s tummy, giving the bump lots of hugs and kisses, and singing songs to baby sister. We also recently bought the book I’m a Big Sister which explains adding a new baby to your family in the simplest terms (babies cry, sleep, drink milk, and you must ask mommy or daddy before holding baby, haha).

As you can see, we’re not doing anything to complicated, but I think it’s just right for her developmental stage.

I’ve also been preparing for big sister AFTER the baby arrives. I know there will be days and weeks (months?) of newborn mom fog where little things may slip through the cracks or I may not have the energy to be an extra intentional parent.

I always want Eleanor to feel loved, supported, and important. It’s going to be a learning curve for the whole family to navigate going from a threesome to a foursome. That’s where I’m hoping my super secret mom stash comes in handy ;)

I’ve carved out a corner of a spare closet and have slowly been filling it with special little items just for Eleanor and I. These aren’t gifts – they aren’t even about the “things” per say. These items are meant to spark a fun connection between the two of us – some “big girl” time with mom.

Here’s a look at some of my stash so far…

Just Mama and Me

Piggy Paint Nail Polish // Crayons and Coloring Book // Play Doh // Magnetic Puzzle // Bubbles // Instrument Set

Like I said – nothing revolutionary (or even expensive for that matter), but sometimes all it takes is some new Play Doh to turn a day around ;)

I’m hoping I find this little bit of prep useful in the coming months. It’s comforting to know I have a place to turn for inspiration on the days when I’m running on no sleep or a rainy afternoon when loading up two girls in the car seems too daunting.

Your turn:
What would you add to my stash? 

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