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kicks ‘n kisses

Hello and HAPPY Sunday! I hope you all felt the love this weekend! We had a Valentine’s party at school on Friday which totally zapped me – imagine 22 sugar overloaded 6 year olds and a room full of arts and crafts!

kicks n kisses 5k
Jeff and I spent Friday night in and celebrated Valentine’s Day on Saturday with the Kicks ‘n Kisses 5k in Lincoln. We participated in the Duo Dash which meant we were tethered together for the race. It was a TON of fun and a great way to spend some quality couple’s time!

kicks n kisses 5k
We trekked to Lincoln with our friends Erin and Josh. We love spending time with this pair and are excited to do the Blarney Stone 5k with them in March! Erin and I had some fun while waiting for the race to start :)

kicks n kisses 5k
The shirts were too funny – “This Valentine’s Day, I WENT ALL THE WAY (…all 5k!)” They even had cute “single” and “taken” bibs to wear depending on your status, haha!

We were wondering/worried how the tether would work. It ended up being really easy. It was an elastic cord that was long enough for us both to tie around our waists leaving enough slack that we wouldn’t trip each other up!

kicks n kisses 5k
Much like the Commitment Day 5k we ran in January, the 1st mile was the toughest. It took my lungs awhile to adjust to the cold, and the frozen dirt path was a bit rough on my heels. However, the route was great and my running partner was pretty sweet as well ;)

green gateau
We went out to lunch afterwards at an AMAZING local place called Green Gateau. I had the California Burger and a coffee chocolate chip muffin. Both were fabulous – definitely think they should expand to Omaha! :)

kicks n kisses

I love getting out and active with Jeff! It’s really the best way to spend time together – I’m already looking forward to our next race! And hey, it’s a GREAT way to burn off some of that Valentine’s chocolate :)

Your turn:

How did you spend your Valentine’s weekend?


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