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Eleanor’s BIG Girl Room Upgrade: Bookshelf

This post is in partnership with buybuy BABY, a brand I love. All opinions here are my own.

Eleanor’s room hasn’t been a “nursery” since we moved her out of her crib when she turned two, but aside from transitioning her to a toddler bed, not much has changed over the past eighteen months!

Recently we’ve been in the process of upgrading her digs for a more “BIG girl” look. It all started with this Babyletto Spruce Tree Bookcase I’ve been lusting over for months years…

Eleanor’s room has a whimsical/woodland theme, so this adorable little tree fits right in. I love the clean lines and added storage. Eleanor loves getting to display her “treasures.”

As a whole, we try to keep the girls’ rooms as free of clutter as possible. They both have one small box of toys, but overall it’s a place for relaxation and quiet time. The less “busyness” the better! The little tree branches provide just the right amount of storage for her most prized possessions.

The books she chooses to display change from week to week, but her Raggedy Ann doll has a permanent place of honor on the bottom shelf.

And now that Eleanor has started ballet classes, Ballerina Bunny often makes an appearance as well ;)

I love that everything is easily accessible, and I don’t have to worry about anything toppling over (the entire unit securely anchors to the wall).

And in true Everly fashion, what big sis puts UP, little sis must take DOWN ;)

It will be fun to see what Eleanor chooses to display over time – assuming Everly doesn’t take it all down ;)
I think her little Babyletto tree will grow right along with her.

Next on our “upgrade” list? A desk! Any mamas have a recommendation for me?

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xoxo joanna

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