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Let’s Get to the “Fun” Stuff

You never know where motherhood is going to take you. This week I found myself sitting on the floor of the Target bathroom desperately trying to convince Eleanor to put on a pair of new leggings while simultaneously stopping Everly from stripping herself naked.

There were socks and shoes strewn all across the floor, half of the contents of my purse had been dumped out, and the girls were taking turns sticking their heads under the hand dryer.

Needless to say, this hadn’t been my plan for the day. I wanted to take the girls to the Children’s Museum for a full afternoon of play, but a series of unfortunate events had led us here… to the Target bathroom. I ran into Target, grabbed the first size 4 outfit I could find, and set to work getting the girls changed.

I just wanted to get this over with. Get changed, get to the museum, and have FUN! I found myself getting more and more exacerbated trying to wrangle their flailing limbs back into their clothes.

“Hurry up girls! The museum is closing soon!”

And that’s when it hit me. The giggles. They were laughing uncontrollably – we didn’t need to hurry up to go have fun, they were having FUN already!

There are so many times when I rush through life trying to get to the FUN part faster. I push the girls to get their shoes on as fast as possible. We run to the car between errands. No time to dilly-dally on the way to the park! Efficiency is key.

But by doing this, I’m missing the giggles of running through a hand dryer. The joy of picking out the perfect pair of leggings to replace your soaking wet pair. The silliness of comparing belly buttons with your sister.

One of the best parts of childhood is the lack of schedules. Instead of putting our family on these arbitrary timelines, I’m going to do my best to embrace my girls’ leisurely pace and enjoy the FUN whenever and wherever it happens… even the Target bathroom floor.

Do you ever find yourself rushing through your days to get to the FUN faster?

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xoxo joanna

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