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little things that make me really happy

I talk a lot about the BIG things that make me happy – my family, my friends, and even my blog. But lately I’ve realized that there are a lot of little things that make me really happy too! Like getting a pack of red and pink Starbursts, sometimes all it takes is something small to brighten my day.

Here are 5 little things that make me REALLY happy:

1. Setting my coffee maker at night

little things that make me happy
I LOVE waking up to a fresh pot of coffee (bonus points if it’s Dunkin Donuts)! For some reason, the steps to make coffee seem about 1000% times more difficult at 5 am. Being able to immediately sit down with a hot mug of coffee makes my morning infinitely better.

2. Using my favorite pens
Any other lefties out there? Then you appreciate the value of a good pen like I do. I am a post-it junkie and there’s nothing I hate more than smearing ink all over a perfectly planned list. Keeping a stash of these pens on hand makes writing grocery lists a little sweeter.

3. Labeling Eleanor’s things

little things that make me happy
I realize I’m starting to sound a bit OCD, but hear me out! Eleanor and I are on the go most days. We make stops at play group, the museum, the gym, Target, and countless other places. And a toddler comes with luggage… lots of it! I’ve grabbed the wrong pink coat more than once and sippy cups are always getting switched.

little things that make me happy
Kidecals sent me some labels to personalize all of Eleanor’s “on the go” items. They’re cute, waterproof, dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer safe. That means they can go on cups, clothes, and everything in-between! Oh how I wish I would have had these when Eleanor was in daycare! (I even ordered a set to use for baby #2.)

4. A fully stocked freezer
I knew this would be important when Jeff transitioned back to working out of an office. He’s packing lunches again, and having a freezer stash is essential! It takes the pressure off if we don’t happen to have leftovers and is a nice option for when Eleanor and I want something different for lunch. We eat out less and can enjoy healthy, home cooked meals in a matter of minutes!

5. Lighting a yummy candle

little things that make me happy
I love burning candles any time of year, but chilly days just call for a cozy flame. I’ve been loving the Thanksgiving Breakfast scent from Bath & Body Works. It’s already gone from stores (what?!), so I’ll have to find something new soon. And unlike unplugging my straightener, I DO remember to blow out my candles before I leave the house ;)

Your turn:

What’s something small that makes a big difference in your day?

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