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loving mom

I celebrated my 1st Mother’s Day as a mom this year!

loving mom
Being Eleanor’s mama is gift enough, but E and her daddy went out of their way to make me feel special. I spent the weekend toting Eleanor around at the zoo…

loving mom
planting flowers…

loving mom
sipping mimosas…

loving mom
and even getting a much overdue pedicure! It was great to spend time with both of Eleanor’s grandmothers too. They have been wonderful support over the past year!

Having a baby has taught me many, many things. But I think the most amazing lesson it’s taught me is just how much my own mom loves me. I now understand how a mother’s heart aches when her baby is ill. Or how her heart skips when her baby reaches a new milestone. How her heart yearns to be two places at once while she’s at work. How her heart overflows with joy when her baby reaches out her hands and says “mama.” And how her heart feels purpose when her baby snuggles into her chest and falls asleep.

new year 2013
Being a mom is tough on your heart in many wonderful, terrifying, fantastic ways! Hug your mom tight – she deserves it!

Hope you had an amazing weekend!

Also – I’m guest posting at Girl Gone Veggie today! Head over and check it out!


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