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Lunch Packs for Little Hands

It’s the beginning of a new era: Eleanor starts preschool this week!

She is incredibly excited, and it’s been so fun answering her questions and watching her anticipation build for the “big day.” She and I will both have a learning curve getting used to everything school entails (new people, new responsibilities, a new routine), but these are all GOOD changes!

Lunch Packs for Little Hands
One new routine will be eating lunch at school. Eleanor will have the option for “lunch bunch” once a week where she’ll stay at school a little longer to eat lunch with her peers. It’s a good opportunity to socialize and practice new skills without us moms hovering doing everything for our 3 year olds ;)

Everything your preschooler needs for a successful lunch
When PackIt sent Eleanor one of their freezable lunch boxes, I knew it would be perfect for my new preschooler! You pop the whole pack in the freezer the night before school and the gel-lined walls of the bag keep your lunch cold all day! No ice packs needed! This means more room for food, and one less thing for Eleanor to forget to pack up at school. Plus, they’re absolutely adorable ;)

Lunch containers for kids
With her rad new bag ready to go, we filled it up with a few of her favorite foods – all packed up in easy-to-open containers (perfect for even the littlest hands).

My girls love, love, LOVE peanut butter roll-ups made with tortillas and Justin’s peanut butter. Right now we’re {quickly} working our way through the Honey Peanut Butter flavor – so good! I cut Eleanor’s in half and put it in a lunchskins reusable sandwich bag.

Easy lunch for little kids to pack
Another favorite packing tool is our Skip Hop lunch kit. I put grapes in the big compartment and pretzel sticks in the small removable snack container. It’s easy for Eleanor to open and close and keeps everything fresh (nobody wants squished grapes) and organized!

And of course, my kids never think a lunch is complete without Stonyfield yogurt. I’ve found that the YoKids squeeze pouches are the best for packing because Eleanor can twist the top off herself and it can be resealed if needed!

PackIt lunch pack for kids
Plenty of room for everything Eleanor needs! Now we’ll see how much eating my little social butterfly does versus talking ;)

I think I may have to order another PackIt for Everly and I to use. This polka dot print is too cute!

What are your favorite foods to pack for school lunch? Any tips for my new preschooler? ;)

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xoxo joanna

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