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Happily Everly After: Magical Unicorn Birthday Party

My sweet Everly is 1 year old! We celebrated with a magical unicorn birthday party last weekend, and I’m still on cloud nine. There are SO many people who hold this little girl dear to their hearts. I just love her to pieces!

Unicorn birthday party attire
One year is an awesome stage. Kids at this age are just bursting developmentally and it seems like they can change overnight. So with that in mind, I compiled a snapshot of who Everly is at 1 year. I also threw in some unicorn party photos at the end for anybody who’s interested ;)

Everly, I never want to forget…

…the way you scrunch up your nose and show off your teeth
…how you talk about “dad-deeeee” all day and light up when he comes home from work
…how enthusiastically you sign “milk” when you need your mama
…the way you pull at the little bit of hair you have when you’re frustrated
…the way you gobble down cheese before anything else on your tray
…how much you love to be chased (and tickled)
…the way you scramble into your new tunnel and bring all your favorite toys with you

1st birthday gift
…the way you fight over the Frozen chair with your sister (and STAND on it despite my best efforts)
…the sing-songy nature of your voice
…the way you curl into me when I bring you into our bed at 3am
…how proud you are doing the actions to “Itsy Bitsy Spider”
…your disgust at realizing ALL of the kitchen cabinets are babyproofed
…your determination to climb the stairs
…your big, sloppy, wide open mouth kisses
…the way you crawl up on my lap to check in during the day
…how your smile is the first thing everybody notices about you

You are such a joyful, rambunctious little girl – we LOVE you so much!

Now, party time!

I’ve been planning Everly’s 1st birthday since she was born. My sweet friend Jordan came up with the idea for a Happily Everly After theme and I couldn’t get the idea of magical unicorns out of my mind ;)

So with all things fairytale, whimsical, and royal in mind, I set to work planning a low-key party for a few of our closest family and friends.

Magical Unicorn Birthday Party

Leaping Unicorn Cake

I had a local bakery here in Omaha take care of the cake, and it was the BEST decision ever! Bailey at The Little Domestique did an absolutely amazing job! Check out the photo below of the ombre cake layers – so pretty. It was SO delicious too!

Unicorn birthday cake
Royal Cookies

Jordan and I made sugar cookies in the shapes of crowns, hearts and 1’s. I found gem sprinkles to decorate the crowns and used edible glitter on the rest of the cookies. We followed the cookie and icing tutorials from Alison’s Cookie Party (totally worth the purchase if you’re at all interested in learning how to make rad cookies).

Unicorn Birthday Smash Cake

Unicorn Cloud Punch

I made a classic party punch using Sprite and sherbet. I couldn’t decide on what color/flavor I wanted it to be, so I went with rainbow. It melted into the prettiest shade of peachy pink and tasted awesome.

I also served fruit + dip, chips + salsa + guac, cheese + crackers, and a variety of beer for the big folks ;)

Unicorn first birthday onesie

Party Attire

Everly was decked out in her baby best with some cute Etsy finds:

  • Unicorn Onesie (Sumer was awesome and searched high and low for a pink onesie specifically for Evie – can’t say enough good things about her and her work!)
  • Star Headband

I love that neither piece is specifically “birthday” themed – she’ll be able to wear these all summer! #momwin

Thanks to everybody who made Everly’s 1st year simply amazing!

I’d love to hear your favorite birthday themes! Find me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to continue the conversation!

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xoxo joanna

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