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milk and cookies father’s day craft

Be sure to check out Eleanor’s BONUS Father’s Day craft idea – it’s perfect for any bike loving daddy! 

From the time Eleanor wakes up in the morning, she’s asking me when her daddy will be home from work, “Daddy home soon?!”

When he walks through the door, she has a million requests for him. There are just some things that daddy is better at than mommy – one of them being a pretty awesome Cookie Monster impression.

It sets Eleanor into a fit of giggles when he pretends to eat her toes or devour her tummy. When we were shopping for Father’s Day cards, Eleanor found the absolute PERFECT card for her daddy:

cookie monster
Obviously, we had to buy it, and it ended up inspiring one of our Father’s Day crafts. Here’s a fun gift you and your kids can make for the daddy who’s just as sweet as can be:

fathers day milk and cookie craft for toddlers


  • Cut off the raised edge of your paper plate and trim to the desired “cookie” size
  • Finger paint the plate with brown paint to create your cookie base
  • Trim “sprinkles” out of your sticky foam
  • After your cookie is dry, peel off the backs of your sprinkles and decorate your cookie
  • Cut your washi tape into strips and place directly onto the canvas board to create your milk jug
  • Trim your straw and glue to the opening of your milk jug
  • Glue down your cookie
  • Use a sharpie to write your message: “Daddy, You’re the MILK to my COOKIES!”

Depending on the age and skill level of your child, you may need to do more/less of the steps. In this case, Eleanor did the finger painting and “sprinkling.” I did all cutting, glueing, and taping.

The whole project was pretty simple, but I love how it represents something special that Eleanor loves about her dad!

Your turn:

What is something special your kids love about their dad?
What are your “go to” craft supplies? I use sticky foam ALL the time with Eleanor!


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