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mommy maintenance: why healing your pelvic floor is essential

Thank you to Mommy Fitness for providing me a membership throughout my pregnancy and postpartum journey – I chose to register and pay for Total Control on my own because I truly love the Mommy Fitness experience

Pregnancy and childbirth puts a woman’s body through many changes and these stresses impact parts of your body that you may be unaware of. Healing your pelvic floor can make all the difference in maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle and aging gracefully.

mommy maintenance: why healing your pelvic floor is essential
If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you know that I’ve been participating in the Total Control Program at Mommy Fitness. Total Control is an 8 week program specifically designed to help women strengthen and heal their pelvic floor and abdominals. I knew from the moment I got pregnant with baby #2 that I would need this program to fully recover from pregnancy and childbirth.

So why did I enroll?

One year after baby #1…

  • I had a diastasis recti (split down the middle of my abs) 4 fingers wide
  • I had pelvic floor pain when I ran (this actually resolved with Mommy Fitness while pregnant with baby #2)
  • I couldn’t make it through a run without stopping to pee along the way (ditto)

None of my symptoms were horrible, but I knew that if I didn’t heal my body now, more problems would likely arise as I aged. For instance, an unhealed diastasis recti can lead to increased lower back pain or urinary incontinence (not to mention a belly “pooch”). A weak pelvic floor can lead to a whole host of problems ranging from peeing when you sneeze to a pelvic organ prolapse.

These didn’t sound appealing to me, and whether or not I have more children, I wanted my body in the best shape for my future!

What have I learned?


  • If you pee more than every 3 hours, leak when you sneeze/laugh, or wake up at night to use the restroom, you have some healing to do
  • Many, many, MANY women deal with pelvic floor issues – you’re not alone!
  • There are simple exercises that truly make a difference – there’s hope!

What are my results?

Halfway through the 8 week program…

  • My diastasis recti has gone from 4 fingers wide to 2 fingers wide
  • I have zero annoying pelvic floor issues
  • I have learned TONS of valuable information

total control results
Even though I believed enough in the program to enroll, I am absolutely, 100% astonished by my results in just 4 weeks. My diastasis recti did not heal AT ALL in the entire year after I gave birth to Eleanor, and in just 4 weeks, I’ve shrunk it by 50%! That’s insane!

I’m so excited to continue learning and see where the next 4 weeks take me. If you’re looking for a good resource, I’d recommend this book to get started

Ok, so I want to hear your thoughts!

Have you ever heard of Total Control?

Is it something you’d be interested in postpartum?
What questions do you have for me?

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