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morning resolutions

In effort to have a better run household in 2015, Jeff and I have revamped our mornings.

We’ve realized that when planned correctly, they can be the most productive part of our day. Let’s face it, after Jeff puts in a full day at the office and I chase a toddler all day, we’re both exhausted at night and pretty much useless after Eleanor is put to bed. Mornings are a precious time to kickstart our day!

Here are a few simple changes we made to make the most of our mornings and start the day off right:

Set an alarm for 5:00

I have been so used to following Eleanor’s schedule that I would usually wait to hear her singing “mama mama” from her crib to get up for the day. But as my little girl has gotten more active, it’s also gotten harder for me to get anything done once she wakes up. She needs her milk, snuggles, breakfast, and a solid chunk of one-on-one playtime right away in the morning.

morning resolutions stonyfield
By getting up a couple hours before her, I’m able to drink my coffee in peace, have a leisurely breakfast, and get some blog work out of the way. All without a toddler desperately vying for my attention! And with my morning well under way, I’m better able to concentrate on her needs once she wakes up.

Healthy grab and go breakfasts

This point is more important for Jeff since he heads into the office every day, but I love the convenience of grab and go (or in my case, stay) breakfasts just as much as him! I LOVE steel cut oats, but I have no patience to make them every morning. I’ve seen several bloggers make large batches in the crock pot, so I’ve started making a weekly supply on Sundays.

morning resolutions stonyfield
Another great standby of mine is good old Stonyfield Yogurt and cereal – the French Vanilla flavor mixes well with everything. Lately I’ve been loving these Berry Vanilla Puffs.

morning resolutions stonyfield
On mornings he works out, Jeff likes something a little heartier, and these turkey and pepper egg bakes are a favorite. I make 24 “muffins” in each batch which equates to 12 mornings of easy, hot, on-the-go breakfasts for him! They freeze awesome and pack well for the gym!

morning resolutions stonyfield
Journaling/Daily Plan of Attack

Waking up early with no distractions allows me plenty of time to schedule out my day. I like to get Eleanor out and about as much as possible, but I also have regular household errands to run. It’s a lot easier to make sure nothing slips through the cracks when I get it all down on paper first thing in the morning!

Then around 6:30 or 7:00 (yay) when little Miss E wakes up, we’re ready to tackle the day together… after some YoTot of course!

Your turn:

Are you a morning person?
When are you the most productive?

*This post was sponsored by Stonyfield 


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