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Mother’s Day Personalized Photo Mat Craft

Looking for a personalized Mother’s Day craft to gift to a special mom? I have the perfect gift idea to display her child’s artwork + a photo of mom’s favorite little artist :)

DIY Mother's Day Personalized Photo Gift: This personalized photo frame craft lets mom show off her favorite little artist's work in a one-of-a-kind frame

There are two universal truths that every mom (and grandma) believes:

  • There is no cuter face than that of her child’s
  • Nobody in the world creates better artwork than her child

So a Mother’s Day gift that combines the two? Perfection! Plus, once you have the photo mat made, you can switch out the art for your little one’s latest and greatest creation! Truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Mother’s Day Personalized Photo Craft

What you need to get started

White background
Camera phone
Paper heart cutout
Your child’s favorite art supplies (paper, markers, crayons, paint, etc.)

Creating your personalized photo mat

Cut out a heart from a piece of paper. I used black construction paper to make it super easy to see the outline when it came time to cut the heart-shaped opening.

Set up a white background and take a photo of your child holding up the heart. Tip: make sure they keep their fingers together so you don’t have to cut around each of them individually. 

Load the photo onto your computer and use PicMonkey to edit your photo using these easy steps:

1. Under “Basic Edits,” crop your photo to your desired size. I chose 8×10, but you can pick whatever size you’d like your frame to be.

Mother's Day Personalized Photo Craft step 1

2. Use auto adjust under “Colors” to whiten the background and fix any discoloration.

Mother's Day Personalized Photo Craft Step 2

3. Under “Effects,” convert the photo to Super B&W. You might want to play with the brightness and contrast to get the right balance. I ended up with 65% brightness and 50% contrast on this particular photo.

Mother's Day Personalized Photo Craft Step 3

4. Save your photo and print on card stock either at home or a local printer such as FedEx. Ta-Da! The hardest part is over!

Finishing your Frame

Once you have your print in hand, use your scissors to poke a hole in the middle of the heart and carefully cut out the entire outline (avoiding those precious little fingers of course).

Mother's Day Photo Mat Craft: A Personalized Frame Featuring her Favorite Artist

Now it’s your kiddo’s turn to shine! Ask them to create a special drawing or painting just for mom! Once it’s ready, just position it behind the heart opening and pop it into the frame of your choice.

Mother's Day Gift: Photo Mat Craft for a Personalized Frame

Mom’s Favorite Artist

So there you have it – personalized artwork with a personalized mat! What more could a mama want? Well, aside from a full night’s sleep of course ;)

I guarantee she’ll smile every time she sees it! And remember – you can switch out the art any time you want! Surprise mom with new paintings for Christmas, her birthday, or just to remind her how much you love her.

Personalized frame for Mother's Day. DIY photo mat to display her favorite artist's work

Pin this for a special mom (or grandma) in your life! Let me know if you try it :)

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xoxo joanna

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