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Moving on Up! A Dollhouse Built for Two

This post is in partnership with buybuy BABY, a brand I love. All opinions here are my own.

We moved! Well, kinda… if you follow me on Instagram (<– which you should), you may remember the dollhouse saga from about a month ago.

Hape Dollhouse perfect for preschoolers

The Best-Laid Plans

I assembled our new Hape All Season Dollhouse from buybuy BABY after I *thought* the girls were in bed… needless to say, Eleanor caught me in the act and then was WAAAAYYYYY too excited to go to sleep that night (we’re talking past midnight here). Totally frustrating, but still completely adorable ;)

It turns out that Eleanor’s very first reaction to the new dollhouse was an extremely good predictor of their first month of play: they LOVE it! 

Dollhouse for toddlers

Moving In

The girls wasted no time at all getting all their characters acclimated to the new house. And for those of you familiar with my messy “busy” play room, you know most of them are usually out at the same time ;)

From the headquarters of the “Super Princesses” to Strawberry Shortcake’s cafe, their new house can be transformed into anything the girls desire.

Dollhouse for two year olds

Built for Play

The simple, open design leaves plenty of room for imagination and makes getting each room set up just right a breeze for little hands. We love the bright, bold accents, and all of the wooden pieces are extremely durable.

There are also two removable roof panels that we currently took off to make reaching the top rooms a bit easier. They are super adorable and can be flipped over to either display summer or winter!

Cute toddler dollhouse
I mean, how cute is this furniture? Can I get these bunk beds for Eleanor and Everly?!

Dollhouse for preschoolers

A Piece to Last

I wanted their dollhouse “upgrade” to be something that would grow with the girls. As you can see, the dollhouse is large enough that the girls stand and move around as they play. They won’t be growing out of this piece any time soon!

There is even plenty of room for the two of them to play simultaneously. Although there are absolutely no guarantees for peaceful play ;)

Big dollhouse for preschoolers

Perfect for Pretend

I absolutely love seeing what stories unfold as the girls play with the dollhouse. Right now Eleanor is partial to having her dolls set up different “shops” in each of the six rooms. A budding entrepreneur!

And Everly, well she likes to have her dollies go up and down the stairs over and over…. and over ;)

Large dollhouse for preschoolers
And this is exactly how I’ll remember Eleanor at age 3…  engrossed in a world of imagination! Is there anything cuter than two little feet tucked in for an afternoon of play?

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xoxo joanna

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