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Murnan Wedding: Cake

J and I were so happy when we stumbled upon our cake vendor, Cake Specialists. We chose strawberry and classic vanilla for our guests. Our tiered cake added a chocolate layer to the mix. It was SO good – strawberry was definitely my favorite (along with our guests). J and I were so caught up in the moment that we didn’t even finish the piece we shared, but we definitely made up for it in the days following the wedding. We weren’t intending on keeping the top tier, but after much encouragement from our family and friends, we wrapped it up for the trip home to Milwaukee. Our yummy cake is now nestled safely in the deep freeze waiting for August 11, 2013.

Like the rest of the wedding, we stayed pretty simple in the cake department. My only instruction to the baker was to use white, whipped frosting and to spread it perfectly imperfect (I found my inspiration here). Our florist added the finishing touches with fresh flowers. It was just as beautiful as it tasted.

wedding cake

Cake: Cake Specialists
Cake Service: Kate Spade 
Flowers: Lori’s Flowers

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