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Murnan Wedding: Flowers

The flowers were absolutely essential to creating the look and feel I was going for on our wedding day. I wanted our guests to feel like they were at a garden party – easygoing and relaxed. I wanted the room to feel green and lush. Rather than cluttering the ballroom with tons of decor, I decided to let the flowers take center stage.

I chose to use Lori, Audubon‘s hometown florist, to create my vision. I brought in my iPad and pulled up my Pinterest account to show her the direction the day was taking. I think my exact words were along the lines of, “I don’t care what flowers you choose, or how you get there, but I envision everything to feeling soft, fresh and green. Fresh picked. Garden-y.” Lori took my vagueness in stride, and I left her shop 100% confident she would deliver gorgeous results. The reception centerpieces were arranged in white urns that totally complemented the vintage style of the ballroom. My bridal bouquet was wrapped in the monogramed handkerchief my mom had made for me. It was simply beautiful. Take a look…

bridal bouquet flowers

wedding centerpieces

Lori was kind enough to pass along the flowers she used to create her masterpieces. Now I actually have the REAL names of the flowers that it took to create my dream – and J, in case you’re reading this, anything from this list would be perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. :)

  • gladiolas
  • dahlias
  • pom mums
  • wax flower
  • calcinia
  • tulips
  • astilbee
  • ruscus
  • springrice
  • white peonies
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