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Murnan Wedding: Grand Exit

Have I ever mentioned how much I love washi tape? No? Well I LOVE washi tape. I seriously think it can be used for anything. And in our wedding prep, I did just that! I purchased some adorable designs from SugarBSupplies on Etsy to use on our bridesmaid/groomsmen gift wrapping and ended up carrying the theme through to our bubbles. We made a last minute decision to pass out bubbles as we exited the church, so I purchased a few boxes of plain jane bubbles (you can get them at a great deal on Amazon). To add a personal touch, I wrapped washi tape around the top and bottom of the bubble cylinders. I think they turned out really sweet. The project could not have been any easier – not to mention inexpensive! I also added washi tape to the paper bags the bridesmaids used to pass the bubbles out at the back of the church – take a look…

wedding bubbles wrapped in washi tape

paper bags used to distribute bubbles

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