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Murnan Wedding: Rehearsal Brooch Bouquet

I don’t think I’ve ever formally introduced you to my sister Rachel – she’s my best friend, matron of honor and amazing mama to the cutest 2 year old I know.

sisters at rehearsal dinner

She’s also the brains behind the brooch bouquet I used at our rehearsal. I really should have her writing this post, but she’s extremely busy kicking off her school year as a speech pathologist in the Dallas area schools. So, my version is just going to have to suffice for now :)

The brooch bouquet actually got started all the way back in May when my sister requested my bridal shower guests to each bring a brooch for me. I ended up with a beautifully eclectic assortment of bedazzled gems. When Rachel got into town in August, she got to work assembling the baubbles into a bouquet. She started out by using a large styrofoam ball, but we quickly realized that without actually being able to fasten the brooches, it was a recipe for disaster. We headed out to Pamida (the only store in our small town), and wandered around until Rachel found the PERFECT solution. A luffa and a funnel. Seriously. Stay with me here, it’s actually a genius idea. (It also cost approximately $2!)

Rachel fastened the brooches to the luffa’s top half, secured it to the funnel, and wrapped the base in tulle.


brooch bouquet for wedding rehearsal

walking down the aisle at wedding rehearsal with brooch bouquet

What do you think of Rachel’s resourceful idea? How have you seen brooch bouquet’s assembled? Would you consider carrying an alternative bouquet down the aisle? Let me know your thoughts!

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