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Murnan Wedding: Typewriter Guestbook

Out of all of the prep I did for the wedding – the guest book was by FAR my favorite. After deciding to give a book donation in lieu of traditional favors, I had books, pages and text on my mind. Enter the guest book idea: a typewriter.

My vision was to find a vintage typewriter, stock it with beautiful stationary and set our guests loose to type notes of congratulations and advice. After a few quick google searches, my bubble quickly burst as I saw that working vintage typewriters were a bit out of my budget. I had pretty much given up on the idea when one evening J and I stumbled across a GIGANTIC vintage shop in the 3rd Ward. On the second floor of the dusty shop, we found a typewriter graveyard. I pulled out a piece of paper and began typing away in search of a machine that worked. And lo and behold…. I found one! We negotiated an awesome deal and the guestbook plan was back on track!

typewriter in vintage shop in 3rd ward milwaukee

Another quick google search (seriously, what would I do without google?) gave me the type of ribbon I needed to order and an approximate birthday for my little machine – late 1940’s!

The last step was picking out beautiful stationary paper at Broadway Paper. I could have shopped all day – paper shopping is surprisingly fun! I found some great options that complimented our color scheme for the day while still maintaining the simplicity of the type. Here’s our final set-up:

typewriter guestbook for wedding

typewriter guestbook for wedding "type a note to the newlyweds"

The results were great – the notes are messy, broken and 100% heartfelt. The simple type looks amazing on the rich paper. I actually have the sheets hanging in my living room, but that’s a post for another day :)

What unique ideas have you seen for guestbooks?

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