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no more shoulds

Hey friends! Long time, no talk! I didn’t expect to take a week+ break from blogging, but alas, here we are. My laptop has actually been dead for most of the week – I can’t remember the last time that happened!

At first I felt guilty about my break – I should be blogging, I should be consistent, I should, should, should

And then I realized that’s silly – this space is for me to share something worth talking about, interact with all of you, and be a FUN creative outlet. I decided to let go of the “shoulds” and return when I have something to say.

I’m not only embracing the “no-should” mindset with blogging, but also with fitness. I’ve felt big pressure to get my pre-baby body back, and I haven’t been focusing on activities that make me HAPPY. And if I know something about myself, it’s that if I’m not enjoying the exercise I do, it won’t be sustainable. (That really goes for all areas of my life I suppose.)

No more forcing things to happen. I’m going to let happiness guide me. This season of my life is flying by – I’m reminded of that every time I hold my girls and they’re a bit bigger and a bit more independent.

I’ll be back tomorrow with Everly’s 2 month update – I can’t think of a better way to joyfully jump back in than with a post about my sweet little lady :)

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