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one change i made to be a more attentive mom

If there’s one thing I know about myself, it’s that I’m not a multitasker. Yes, I’ve mastered the art of nursing a baby while making lunch for a toddler, but as far as actual mutlitasking {really attending to more than one thing at a time} goes, I’m an utter failure.

But that’s ok! I’ve learned that I can be successful by scheduling out dedicated time to my different roles and responsibilities. Easier said than done, right? When I don’t carve out time to concentrate on one thing at a time, I end up being half-way between anywhere I’m supposed to be – my kids aren’t happy and my work isn’t done.

Finding Focus

In an effort to quiet my daily distractions, I’ve implemented a simple technique that helps me stay on track with my commitments throughout the day while allowing me to remain “in the moment” with my girls. And honestly, it’s made a world of difference – I am a much more attentive mom (and wife). 

one change i made to be a more attentive mom

So what’s the secret?

Alarms! Yes, alarms.

I set alarms for everything. E V E R Y T H I N G

Alarms to wake up in the morning
Alarms for when to put shoes on and head to the car for story time at the library
Alarms for when it’s time to leave the Children’s Museum to make it home before naps
Alarms to start prepping dinner
Alarms to go brush the girls’ teeth and put on jammies

I had found myself constantly checking in with my calendar, worrying about what time it was, wondering if we needed to leave to get somewhere, etc, and all of those constant distractions were pulling me away from genuine time with my girls.

Every morning I make a basic game plan for our day, set a series of alarms to prompt transitions, turn my phone to vibrate, and forget about it.

one change i made to be a more attentive mom

Why it Works

I don’t have the constant draw to pick up my phone to “check the time” and inevitably get sucked into emails or Facebook. And even though the alarms themselves come from my phone, I feel WAY less tethered to the device (my biggest “multitasking”  downfall).

I truly stay dedicated to being in the moment, whether it be finding the perfect bedtime book at the library or working on a blog post, until I’m prompted to move on. I don’t know if my girls have noticed a difference, but I definitely have! It’s simple. It’s sustainable. And it works for me!

I’d love to hear if multitasking works for you or if you have any tricks for finding focus. Find me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to continue the conversation!

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xoxo joanna

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