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Personalized Gifts for the Whole Family

I feel like I go through the same routine whenever I am in search of a gift… what can I get someone that means something? Every once in awhile I think of that perfect “something” to give as a special gift, and lately I’ve been on a kick giving personalized gifts to my loved ones.

They’re fun to brainstorm, exciting to create, and hopefully mean a bit more to their recipients. This post compiles a few personalized gifts I’ve given recently for the whole family! First up, moms!

Personalized Vase for Mom

This Mother’s Day I had the girls create vases at a local pottery store for their grandmothers. The piece itself is actually a pitcher, but I think it looks cute holding flowers. I bet Eleanor could convince her grandmas to fill it with lemonade though ;)

Gift Idea: Personalized Vase for Mom
Eleanor chose the colors and painted a base coat on the vase. Then (with the help of an awesome employee) we wrangled Eleanor’s hand print and Everly’s foot print on either side. In a blink of an eye, the girls will have outgrown their prints, so I’m really happy we captured this moment in time.

I also love that other than the placement of the prints, this was an Eleanor led activity. She did a wonderful job and as expected, both grandmas proudly display their vases.

Personalized Grill Platter for Dad

After such a fun experience painting with the girls for Mother’s Day, I decided to return for a Father’s Day surprise for Jeff. I have to admit, this gift is a bit selfish because I am tired of my white plates getting grimy from grilling, so I decided to gift Jeff a grill platter for Father’s Day :)

Gift idea: Personalized Grill Platter for Dad
I saw an adorable homemade “King of the Grill” platter on Pinterest complete with a lion, and that got me thinking about our two little princesses. Eleanor painted the base again, but instead of a lion, I used the girls’ hand prints to make crowns and their fingerprints for jewels. I added an outline to define the shape a little better and wrote “King of the Grill” at the top.

Jeff thought it was really sweet and grilled up Eleanor’s favorite meal (brats) on Father’s Day to break in his new plate. It will be a fun piece to use for years to come!

Personalized Books for Kids

After all that hard work Eleanor and Everly put into their personalized gifts, we can’t forget to return the sentiment! I See Me gifted both of our girls perfectly personalized books for their birthdays. It was so fun getting to pick out the storyline we knew they each would love and then tailor it directly to each of them.

Gift Idea: Personalized Books for Kids

M is for Me

We chose a simple letter book, “M is for Me,” for our littlest lady. I love, love, LOVE the illustrations in this book. This particular alphabet book is different than most because of the vocabulary it chooses. Instead of “D is for dog,” “D is for Determined.” It’s a refreshing change and a good starting point to talk about new concepts. And obviously, “E is for Extraordinary… and Everly!”

I See Me Personalized Books for Kids

The Very Important Preschooler

We’ve been talking about preschool with Eleanor for months now. She knows that now that she’s three, she’ll be starting school in the Fall. She’s incredibly excited (mostly due to all the cool toys she saw on the tour), and we’re trying to start preparing her now.

The Very Important Preschooler takes the reader through all of the high points of a day in preschool with Eleanor as the main character. Her name appears throughout the book both in text and illustration. She absolutely LOVES spotting her very own name throughout the pages. It’s a cute read with great rhyme – everything you need for a successful story time!

I See Me: Very Important Preschooler Personalized BookBoth girls love their special books, and it’s basically the only time either of them slow down all day. I’m looking forward to adding to their collection as they grow :)


Have you ever gotten a personalized gift you love? Do you have a favorite project you’ve done?

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xoxo joanna

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