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Baby #2

In July of 2014 we found out we were expecting baby #2! Catch up on EVERYTHING pregnancy related here!

The BIG News!

Adding Another Pumpkin to Our Patch
Announcing Baby #2 to our Family



Baby #2: 14 Weeks
Baby #2: 16 Weeks
Baby #2: 18 Weeks
Baby #2: 20 Weeks
Baby #2: 22 Weeks
Baby #2: 24 Weeks
Baby #2: 26 Weeks
Baby #2: 28 Weeks
Baby #2: 30 Weeks
Baby #2: 32 Weeks
Baby #2: 34 Weeks
Baby #2: 36 Weeks
Baby #2: 38 Weeks

Preparing for Baby

Expecting Baby #2
The 1st Trimester: Baby #1 vs. Baby #2
The 2nd Trimester: Baby #1 vs. Baby #2
Gender Reveal
Maternity Photos

Baby #1

My husband and I found out we were expecting our first child in October 2012. My due date was set as June 24 and we were thrilled! I documented my journey through pregnancy with bumpdates every few weeks along with how we prepared for and shared the news of our little bundle of joy!

2013 New Year

The BIG News!

We’re Pregnant!
Announcing our Pregnancy
Baby Bucket List


Baby M: Week 12
Baby M: Week 16
Baby M: Week 20
Baby M: Week 24
Baby M: Week 28
Baby M: Week 32
Baby M: Week 36
Baby M: Week 37

Preparing for Baby

Gender Reveal
Preparing the Puppy
Maternity Photos
Assembling our Birth Plan
Prenatal Fitness

ActivitiesforKidsMamaMustHaves CurrentlyReadingPrenatalandPostpartumFitness

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