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preparing for childbirth

Now you all know that I am not a childbirth expert – far from it really! But with labor and delivery in mind, there are 4 things I know to be true:

1. Every mama is different
2. Every baby is different
3. Every birth is different
4. Every bit of knowledge you have ahead of time will help you

When you’re pregnant, you seem to see belly bumps everywhere. Sometimes mamas just give each other knowing smiles, nods of encouragement, or understanding sighs. Other times, “the bump” opens up conversations with complete strangers ranging from how many weeks along you are to where you plan to deliver to whether you’re planning on an epidural.

Through talking with other mamas-to-be, I’ve been surprised when several have said, “I don’t want to know about labor. It scares me.” 

Would you run a marathon without training? Would you take the LSAT without studying? No way – that would be terrifying!

Like most big events in life, in birth, knowledge is power.

Knowing your options.
Knowing what soothes you.
Knowing your preferences.
Knowing the typical flow of things.
Knowing your support system.
Knowing the impact of your decisions.
Knowing your body.

I’ve found helpful nuggets of information in a variety of places – my doctor, the instructors at Mommy Fitness, veteran mamas, my own mom, books, documentaries, birth classes, and the list goes on…

To me, an ideal birth is focused and calm – those are both things I can control. I certainly don’t know everything, and there’s no way to tell how this labor will compare to my last, but I do know that my mindfulness from the past 30+ weeks of preparation will be my biggest strength.

If you’re a mama-to-be, I encourage you to seek out information, ask questions, find a support system, and most importantly – trust yourself!

Your turn:

Do you agree? Or would you rather not know the details heading in?
Where have you found the most helpful information?

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