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Recipe for the Perfect Snow Day

Last week Omaha finally received a proper snow! Surviving a frigid Midwest winter is much easier with a beautiful blanket of fresh snow on the ground, and the girls and I took FULL advantage.

After bundling up with boots, snow pants, hats, mittens, and coats, we enjoyed our backyard winter wonderland!

Baby Evie got to take her new sled for a spin.

Eleanor got to chase me with snow balls.

We all helped shovel the driveway.

And had an unsuccessful attempt at building a snow man :/

My plan to deplete the girls’ energy worked, and soon they were ready to head inside to recharge and warm up.

Normally, they’d be begging me for hot cocoa, but they had seen me unpack a special treat earlier in the week – Stonyfield’s new whole milk smoothies!

We spent the rest of the snowy afternoon sipping our protein-packed smoothies, painting with water colors, and baking a delicious loaf of banana bread.


Recipe for the Perfect Snow Day

Preheat with ample outdoor gear
Mix together: 1 part perfect snow, 3 parts patience, 2 parts fun, and 1 great imagination

Play until energy is 100% depleted

Top with 1 amazing snack (we recommend these) and a sprinkle of arts and crafts



What’s your favorite way to spend a snow day?
Which smoothie would you most like to try – strawberry or peach?

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xoxo joanna

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