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Remembering to Do Things Twice

One morning recently as I was choosing music on Pandora for the girls, something struck me: I have TWO kids. I need to do things TWICE! 

Ok, I know this sounds painfully obvious, but bear with me. As I was selecting which station to listen to, I decided to scroll through the long list in search of a toddler station we used to listen to ALL the time with Eleanor. It’s how she learned all of her favorite songs and 100% of the reason she sang “Wheels on the Bus” ad nauseam for three months straight.

Nap Time Notes: Remembering to do it TwiceNowadays, I opt for stations like Children’s Indie or skip the kid’s stuff altogether, but it dawned on me that Everly has had much less exposure to the fun, catchy (and yes, slightly annoying) children’s songs. I had a bit of a lightening bolt moment about the importance of being cognizant of where Everly is developmentally and how I can readjust from Eleanor and my regular routine to be more inclusive.

introducing potty training basicsThis “mini revelation” also prompted me to dig the little training potty out of storage and buy Everly her first package of Pull-Ups.

It was right around this time with Eleanor that we first started laying the groundwork for potty training. I know Everly isn’t ready yet, but if I learned anything from my potty training experience with Eleanor, it’s that getting comfortable with the basics is the most important part!

setting up a potty training station with pull upsThe girls helped me set up the potty station, and Eleanor is SO excited to help Everly learn. I asked her to give Everly some helpful advice and she said, “Just sit. You can worry about the rest later.” I think big sister might be able to handle this whole potty training thing without me ;)

potty training with pull upsSo yes, here I am 16 months later finally realizing the importance of doing things twice for the second child. Beyond our potty training adventures, it means for every story Eleanor picks as a read-aloud, we look over a first concept book together too. It means revisiting our favorite finger plays and working on the THREE piece puzzles. And yes, it means picking the toddler Pandora station. Hopefully I’ve have another little lady belting her favorite tunes in no time :)

Here’s to many more years of remembering to do things twice! 

If you’re looking to save some money on potty training supplies for your little one, check out your local WalMart Neighborhood Market for the best deals!

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xoxo joanna

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